Barbro Dahlén


Adjunct Professor, Pulmonary Medicine/Allergy, Unit of Heart and Lung Diseases, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute

Dr. Dahlén is a senior physician who has conducted research in pulmonary medicine/allergy since the 1980s.

She heads a human research programme at Karolinska that aims to improve phenotyping of asthma and other mast cell-mediated disorders, in order to develop diagnostic biomarkers and define new treatment strategies for these different phenotypes. The project uses bronchial provocations, and is most concerned with three clinical problems: aspirin/NSAID-intolerant asthma, trigger-factor evoked bronchoconstriction, and severe asthma.

Her other current projects research focus on severe asthma, exercise-induced asthma and asthma patients who become ill by painkillers.

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Gauvreau GM, Harris JM, Boulet LP, Sheerens H, FitzGerald JM, Putnam WS, Cockcroft DW, Davis BE, Leigh R, Zheng Y, Dahlén B, Wang Y, Maciuca R, Mayers I, Liao XC, Wu LC, Matthews JG, O'Byrne PM. 2014

Targeting membrane-expressed IgE B cell receptor with an antibody to the M1 prime epitope reduces IgE production

Science Translational Medicine

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