What’s special about the CIC?

  • Collaborative with rapid recruitment
  • Comprehensive tailored study design
  • Consultation with key opinion leaders
  • Standardization of procedures
  • Predictive power of study outcomes
  • Scientific integrity
  • Proven track record
  • Academic partnership
The Clinical Investigator Collaborative (CIC) is a multi-centre, Canadian-based Phase Ib/IIa clinical trials collaborative that fast-tracks drug candidates for the treatment of asthma and other airways diseases.

CIC conducts proof-of-concept studies that determine pharmacological activity, pharmacokinetics, target engagement, and efficacy of potential new drugs for airways disease using highly reliable clinical models. CIC is unique globally in its ability to undertake early-stage clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of new molecules and compounds to treat inflammation in the lung, using well validated methods, with proprietary SOPs, while providing for novel opportunities to study the mechanisms of disease.

CIC has ready access to a stable, exquisitely well-phenotyped subject population, and the unique ability to offer its clinical trials service in a multi-institutional setting, with uniform standards and quality assurance across institutions. CIC is active in six institutions across Canada and one in Sweden, and engages various other international partners. The Collaborative has completed 2 to 3 select clinical trials per year since its establishment in 2005.


Comprehensive Endpoints

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Measures of Target Engagement
  • Mechanisms of Drug Efficacy


Standardized Procedures across Sites

  • Human Models of Airway Disease
  • Highly Specialized Procedures
  • Licensed & Copyrighted SOPs
  • Management of Site Training
  • Specially Trained Staff

Predictive power

Predictive Power of Bronchoprovocation

  • Proof of Drug Mechanism
  • Discovery & Biomarker Assessment
  • 100% Negative Predictive Power
  • Evidence for Go/No-Go Decisions
  • Informs Phase IIb Study Design

Cost savings & speed

Cost savings & speed

  • Small properly powered sample size
  • Multicentered for rapid recruitment
  • Low variability across sites
  • Pre-selected participant pool
  • Equipment on-site & calibrated
  • All reagents provided

Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity

  • Key opinion leaders
  • Partners in design & study conduct
  • Academic oversight
  • Central inflammometry
  • High impact publications

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

  • Experienced collective
  • Rapid & coordinated start-up activities
  • Tailored study design
  • World experts in bronchoprovocation
  • Renowned for airway inflammometry
  • Academic (non-CRO) cost of services

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