International engagements

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Timeframe of engagement: 2010 to present
Activities: publication of a review article with CIC, participation on task forces with CIC, ongoing exploration of potential collaboration

Location: Hannover, Germany
Timeframe of engagement: 2017 to present
Activities: subject recruitment, partnership in a clinical trial

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Timeframe of engagement: 2005 to present
Activities: training workshops, subject recruitment for trials, capacity development toward establishment of a Karolinska-based CIC site

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Timeframe of engagement: 2007
Activities: subject recruitment

Location: Manchester, UK
Timeframe of engagement: 2012 to present
Activities: post-doctoral training, ongoing exploration of potential collaboration

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CIC has 6 sites across Canada and engagements with 5 international sites.

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