Across the Collaborative and within each study site, CIC employs the expertise of all the highly-trained research, technical and clinical staff required to ensure the most efficient execution of, and most accurate outcomes for, each trial.

Each CIC site has the expertise and infrastructure for conducting regulatory communications, all clinical study procedures, all laboratory methods, as well as data entry and processing. The Collaborative also has centralized capacity for assessing airway inflammation outcomes. On average, each CIC staff member has over 15 years' experience conducting measurements for Phase Ia & IIb studies.

Staff within CIC include:

  • Clinical study coordinators
  • Pulmonary function technologists
  • Study nurses
  • Laboratory technologists
  • Medical laboratory technologists

Dr. Louis-Phillipe Boulet (L) with members of his Laval University staff.
CIC staff in action at the McMaster University site.
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